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Splashes and spills are no longer a worry with the new Alcatel ONE TOUCH 997

Electronics and liquids don't normally mix but with the new ONE TOUCH 997 smartphone featuring P2i's liquid repellent nano-coating technology, splashes and spills need no longer be a concern.

Today, smartphones have become such an important part of our daily lives that when they go wrong, after being dropped in water for example, it can sometimes feel like all is lost. Whether it is a splash or a spill, caught out in the rain or dropped, all outcomes involving liquid can lead to corrosion and ultimately complete device failure.

Understanding the role smartphones play in today’s society and the damaging effects liquids can have on their performance, Alcatel have teamed up with P2i to apply a splash-proof repellent coating to all ONE TOUCH 997 devices.

The ultra-thin coating, which is applied within a vacuum chamber and molecularly bonded to the surface, permeates every aspect of the ONE TOUCH 997, inside and out, ensuring total protection. The thinness of the coating, which is invisible to the naked eye, means it does not interfere with the internal electrical conductivity. This allows all components to be treated, leaving no weak points to attract water, and cause corrosion.

Alcatel mobile’s theme for the ONE TOUCH 997 is ‘No Worries” and with P2i’s nano-coating offering superior protection against liquid damage, concerns over everyday splashes and spills, or being caught in the rain are no longer a problem.

No more worries with the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 997.

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