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Improving gas detection with P2i nano-coating technology

Crowcon, a leading supplier of detection equipment encompassed the benefits of P2i’s nano-coating technology in their ‘STAY-CLIR’ optical systems range.

Formed in 1970, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd develops and manufactures reliable flammable and toxic gas detection equipment for the protection of people and plant against gas hazards

Crowcon devices operate in a host of environments including the oil and gas sector where detection devices are subjected to a range of climate and industry conditions including moisture and salt spray build up. It is therefore crucial that performance and operation are not compromised at any stage.

Understanding this, Crowcon recognized the performance benefits offered by P2i’s leading nano-coating technology, incorporating this technology into the IRmax and IREX devices to complement their already existing Crowcon patented ‘STAY-CLIR’ low maintenance optics systems.

The advantages that P2i’s technology brings to Crowcon as a complementary technology include reduced salt build-up, reducing icing in low temperatures (-30 °C) environments whilst eliminating the need for local heating to prevent moisture condensation.