As a technology solutions provider, P2i works directly with OEMs and brands to apply the liquid repellent technology during the manufacturing process. From small delicate hearing devices to high volume smartphone processing, P2i has a validated commercial solution for your company.

The presence of P2i’s technology in the Electronics sector is indicated either by splash-proof  or Dunkable™:

  • P2i’s splash-proof nano-coating technology dramatically increases the reliability of electronic devices, protecting them from everyday splashes and spills. The hydrophobic layer ensures superior liquid repellency, by protecting the entire device in just one process – leaving no weak points to attract moisture and corrosion. The nano-coating does not affect the performance of finely-tuned acoustic components, nor the conductivity of electrical mechanisms, and is invisible to the naked eye. With the splash-proof technology, users can confidently go about their day without having to worry about accidental water damage.

  • Dunkable™ is a ground-breaking hydrophobic barrier technology for manufacturers to protect against water damage. It is uniquely positioned to provide the highest levels of water protection, without adversely impacting on device design or production methods. It is a lightweight alternative to rubber seals and gaskets, which can add weight and size, impacting the design of today’s sleek electronic devices. Unlike traditional coatings, Dunkable™ is set to be a cost-effective and scalable solution for high-volume manufacturing.

Achieving this level of integration takes a deep-rooted understanding of the technology and how to integrate into mass manufacturing. With an extensive patent portfolio, P2i is now working with pioneering brands to validate a commercial process for Dunkable™, and is poised to set a new benchmark for water damage protection with this must-have technology.