Network Carriers

P2i dramatically increases the reliability of smartphones and devices by providing invisible protection against everyday splashes and spills. For network carriers this game-changing innovation delivers a simple solution for the challenges associated with water damaged smartphones.  

Traditionally, a water damaged phone denotes a financial loss for the network carrier through a reduction in billable minutes and an increase in call center volume.  During this downtime, customers may also choose to switch operator and/or buy a phone from an alternative supplier, contributing to customer churn.

P2i’s invisible nano-coating opens a world of opportunity within the commercial manufacture of electronic devices. No longer does water protection need to be a separate fabrication during the component stage, nor designed into the phone through gaskets and seals. Instead, completed units can be processed without effecting the design, look or feel of the phone. The technology is quick to apply and, with P2i’s global production experience, easy to implement.

As a technology solutions provider, P2i partners with brands to apply the technology to devices, while delivering knowledge and expertise on the effects of water damage to network carriers.  With P2i, no network carrier should be forced to face high levels of returns or the financial loss associated with water damaged smartphones.