The P2i technology is applicable to any filtration solution where high levels of oil and water repellency are required. As the inventors of the technology, P2i has a number of delivery options available including roll-to-roll processing of air filter media and the application of the technology to completed three-dimensional products.

The low surface energy created by the coating means all liquids can be repelled including water, oils and alcohols. As the process is applied using plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, a durable bond can be composed between the coating and almost any surface. This provides new product opportunities in filter media production, as lower cost or higher permeability material treated with P2i’s technology, can be used instead of ePTFE for applications that require high levels of water repellency. The nano-coating has no effect on pore size, delivering superior repellency whilst maintaining air-flow.  This maximises the lifetime of the filter and minimises pressure drop due to absorbed liquids.

Furthermore, the performance and applicability of naturally water repellent materials such as polypropylene or PTFE can be enhanced further by P2i’s technology.  Increasing the levels of oil and alcohol repellency allows their use in the most demanding environments such as automotive, industrial, gas turbine, and pharmaceutical product protection.