P2i improves the performance of air filtration media and assemblies by providing superior levels of water and oil repellency. P2i is uniquely positioned to provide these high levels due to the patented combination of the fluoropolymer coating and pulsing of the plasma during the polymerization phase of application. The process for roll-to-roll and assemblies is production proven in commercial operations worldwide. Although there is a great variety in equipment for applying the technology, all systems use the core technique below:

  • The process begins by loading the chamber with either the roll-to-roll filter media or 3D assembly item. 

  • The system is then brought down to low pressure and an initial phase of plasma activates the surfaces, ensuring water and other contaminants that could disrupt the bonding are removed, and free-radical sites are created.

  • The monomer is added as a gas and forms covalent bonds with the radical sites, making it extremely durable.

  • Pulsed radio frequency plasma then allows the polymerization of the monomer, which forms the hydrophobic layer.

  • The chamber is returned to room pressure and the items removed without any change to the look or feel. With no requirement for post-curing, the product is ready for use.