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Hearing Aids market revolutionized with Aridion, nano-coating technology from P2i

P2i and world leading hearing aid manufacturers have joined forces to tackle the challenges associated with hearing aid use.

The advancements in technology have seen hearing aids becoming lighter, smaller and tailored to individual requirements, but the problems they face have remained the same.

Hearing devices continue to suffer from moisture and water ingress, build-up of cerumen and skin oils which leads to battery corrosion, reduced reliability and increased return rates. Factors which can compromise warranties and increases repair costs.

Aridion™, P2i’s patented nano-coating technology  which invisibly improves the performance without affecting the look or feel, offers solutions to these challenges by reducing the levels of water ingress and corrosion, which have seen improvements in battery life and reliability. These benefits have been recognized worldwide; with P2i now serving three of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers.