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World’s fastest growing hearing aid manufacturer expands production with P2i

HLT (Hearing Lab Technology), providers of patented digital sound processing technology, re-enforce their success with Aridion™ technology by P2i.

In an industry that suffers from the effects of accidental water damage and corrosion, P2i opens the door to a revolutionary moisture management technology – Aridion™. The Aridion™ nano-coating provides users with a device that is equipped to manage the hostile environment provided behind the ear by the human body. With an Aridion™ treated device users can enjoy outdoor activities, exercising and the summertime without worrying about sweat, rain and moisture damaging their hearing aid.   

Tim Schnell, Hearing Lab Technology comments: “The Aridion™ coating, which we believe to be a game-changing innovative moisture management technology, has helped us to substantially reduce warranty failure and repair costs in our hearing aid range. The addition of the new nano-coating system will allow us to roll out the process onto all of our products, positioning Hearing Lab Technology as a reliable, customer focused, cutting-edge, company.”   

P2i’s Aridion™ technology provides an unbeatable protection against corrosion and damage. It coats every aspect of the finished product at a nanoscopic level.

HLT (Formerly America Hears) was founded in 2001 with a goal of helping people become self-reliant. They design, develop and manufacture the most advanced digital hearing aids available today. These aids are fitted by qualified health care professionals in a relaxed, no risk environment at affordable prices.