Hi-Tec takes great strides with ion-mask™

Leading sports company Hi-Tec, the first brand in the world to bring ion-mask™ to the consumer marketplace, increases production to treat accessories including gloves and hats.

Well-known for its commitment to product innovation and investment in R&D, Hi-Tec instantly recognized ion-mask™ as a unique opportunity to offer people a quantum leap in performance compared to traditional footwear technologies.
In September 2008, Hi-Tec launched the V-Lite Altitude Ultra WPi, the first walking boot in the world to feature ion-mask™. Through intelligent design and engineering, and by only utilizing materials that maximize the benefits of ion-mask™, Hi-Tec created a boot that is 100% waterproof and 100% breathable without needing a membrane. This means the boot is 35 grams lighter than a typical mid-cut UK size 8.

Building on the success of ion-mask™, Hi-Tec have now added the technology onto hats and gloves. As the technology is applied at the nano-scale it does not change the look or feel of the fabric or material. For items suchs as gloves, the feel and flexibility of the material is really important in terms of comfort, by changing the surface energy of the product on such a small scale, ion-mask™ can protect products from absorbing moisture without changing the way it feels on the hands.
In fact, because ion-mask™ gives the whole item (even the stitching) superior water repellency, the product will not absorb water in wet conditions and will allow perspiration to evaporate, keeping the product as light as when you first put it on.