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Fashionistas fuse with P2i

Kangol, the iconic British headwear brand, is partnering with P2i and its innovative ion-mask™ technology to shield their stylish range of hat attire.

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Whether you have a penchant for a Pork Pie or are a more traditionalist donning a Trilby, there is no getting away from it, hats are hip! Hats are precious to their owners and keeping them in tip-top shape is vital. That’s were P2i come in. With their revolutionary ion-mask™ technology, repelling liquids and protecting the fabric, headwear looks newer for longer.

Sean Leon, Global Marketing Director of Kangol Headwear, comments: “We always look to offer the ultimate in excellence, both in fabric and design. With ion-mask™, we are able to provide an additional element, protecting our beautiful merchandise, without conceding on the style, look or feel. This gives the wearer confidence when taking a stroll outdoors, which let’s face it, is needed, with the British weather.” 

P2i’s ion-mask™ technology works by applying a nanoscopic protective layer to the whole hat, so water simply forms beads and rolls off. ion-mask™ gives the entire garment (with all its varied materials) superior water repellency. The wearer can boldly enjoy the Kangol look without fear of style loss due to inclement weather and the coiffure will remain chic and dry.

Kangol have launched their first retail site in the UK at Boxpark, London. This showcases the ‘Made in England’ range, alongside the ‘Heritage’ collection which features the P2i treated headwear. The brand is proud to launch their store in London already having established stores in Los Angeles and New York.

Kangol, which was born in Cumbria in 1938, has entrenched itself as a leading icon of street style. Adopted by the trailblazers of hip-hop, A-List Hollywood actors and global fashionistas, Kangol is a cultural fusion that takes the best of British heritage and mixes it with future style, making it the perfect partner for the Boxpark retail effort.