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K-Swiss picks up the pace with P2i

K-Swiss has teamed up with P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, to revolutionize the performance of its two latest product lines – Kwicky Blade-Light and California.

K-Swiss are excited to team up with P2i’s ion-mask™ technology as they see this as an opportunity to differentiate their ‘running’ brand in the market. With many of their customers competing in high level sports such as ironman’s and triathlons,     ion-mask™ allows K-Swiss to present a shoe that remains lightweight throughout competition as it doesn’t absorb water. 

David Bond, Vice President of Product for K-Swiss  Inc., explained: “The ion-mask™ technology blew our elite athlete wear testers away, and they’re a pretty tough crowd to please. They found that our running shoes, when treated, stayed dry and light even in extreme conditions. They also noticed that ion-mask™ kept their shoes cleaner.”

ion-mask™ is applied on a nanoscopic scale making it invisible to the naked eye and ensures it doesn’t interfere with the feel or motion of the footwear. Unlike membrane technologies, ion-mask™ is not a physical barrier, so it delivers the full natural airflow of the chosen material as well as reducing unnecessary weight.