Life Sciences

P2i combats contamination and costly sample loss through durable hydrophobic coatings for medical devices and laboratory equipment.

As the technical demands on healthcare and human protection products become ever more prominent, the benefits of P2i’s hydrophobic nano-coating technology are evident. Modifying the surface of healthcare products is a key driver for performance enhancement.

Additional functionality provides new market opportunities including protective footwear which resists the uptake of blood borne pathogens, through to low retention pipette tips. P2i’s hydrophobic nano-coating is used by leading biotechnology equipment manufacturers to reduce the loss of expensive reagents and samples.

The P2i technology is applied through plasma enhanced vapor deposition processing, which covalently bonds the ultra-thin layer to the surface of a product. This ensures the coating is durable to solvent washing, enabling maximum recovery of valuable reagents without leaching - even in steam and radiation environments.