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From the elite athlete to the casual observer, wet weather can affect the performance and comfort of Lifestyle products and accessories such as footwear, hats and gloves.

P2i’s ion-mask™  technology for Lifestyle lowers the surface energy of products at the nanoscopic level, so moisture, sweat and rain are no longer attracted to the surface. Instead of being absorbed into the material, liquids form droplets and roll off the surface, keeping products dry, lightweight and clean. 

Unlike traditional water management systems such as DWR’s, dip-applied chemicals and taped seams, ion-mask™ is molecularly bonded to the surface, ensuring high levels of durability under ‘real-wear’ conditions. Invisible to the naked eye, ion-mask™ does not interfere with the look, feel or breathability of the product’s material – enabling fabrics to be used in new and previously unseen ways.