Military & Institutional

P2i provides the ultimate protection for those who protect us.

Hazardous chemicals and toxins are not only a part of the daily life of soldiers around the globe, but also provide a threat to those working in institutional organizations such as accident & emergency, police and fire services.

P2i originated within the UK Ministry of Defence as a project investigating the use of super-hydrophobic technologies to enhance soldiers’ protective clothing from chemical attack. Traditional protective uniforms used non-porous materials with little breathability and reduced mobility. The key to P2i’s success is making breathable fabrics such as cotton, liquid repellent without changing their original properties.

With P2i’s technology, completed garments can be processed ensuring that seams, stitching and even zippers are treated with the nano-coating. This provides superior liquid repellent benefits as there are no weak points attracting or absorbing hazardous liquids.