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Mizuno increase comfort on the golf course with ion-mask

Inspired by ion-mask™ technology, Mizuno , a leading maker of sporting goods, clothes and footwear, have worked with P2i in developing their latest range of golf shoes to ensure maximum comfort for consumers. 

Having identified the pressure placed on golf shoes by moisture required to maintain golf course grounds, Mizuno was attracted to the ion-mask™ technology for its hydrophobic properties.

As leaders in Japan for technical innovation, Mizuno were impressed with P2i’s entrepreneurial approach to partnership and see on-going innovation as testament to P2i’s ability to work as a flexible, responsive extension of customers and the market.

This summer Mizuno will be launching a range of golf shoes under the ‘Weathers’ brand which incorporates the ion-mask™ technology. Because the ion-mask™ protective layer is one thousand times thinner than a human hair it does not affect the look, feel or breathability of the original shoe, maintaining the traditional comfort of the Mizuno product.

The ion-mask™ process does however revolutionize the performance of the footwear as it resists the absorption of water and dirt. Unlike water proof membrane technologies, ion-mask™ is not a physical barrier so it is able to repel water while maintaining the full natural airflow and comfort of the original mesh material Mizuno golf shoe.