P2i is a private company backed by several investors. Having successfully proven and commercialised its technology, P2i generates revenue through a combination of licensed royalties and equipment sales with leading international brands.

P2i has received investment from Swarraton Partners, NAXOS Capital Partners, Porton Capital Limited, Unilever Ventures, OMBU Group, and the Rainbow Seed Fund. Other investors are the UK Government's Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and Durham University.

  1. DSTL


  2. Durham University

    Durham University

  3. Porton Capital Limited

    Porton Capital Limited

  4. Unilever Ventures

    Unilever Ventures

  5. Rainbow Seed Fund

    Rainbow Seed Fund

  6. Swarraton Partners

    Swarraton Partners

  7. NAXOS Capital Partners

    NAXOS Capital Partners

  8. OMBU Group

    OMBU Group