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Headsets protected with P2i technology work as hard as you do, wherever you go.

Moisture is one of the biggest risks to the performance of electronics. Recognizing this, Plantronics have partnered with P2i to offer a range of liquid repellent headsets. 

As electronic devices become increasingly prominent in everyday life, they need to work as hard as we do - even in environments that can put their performance at risk. Whether you are in a meeting, working out, on the go, or caught out in bad weather; moisture, rain, humidity, sweat and accidental spills all conspire to put an end to our devices prematurely. 

Understanding the risks water damage presents to headsets and earbuds, Plantronics have enlisted the help of P2i’s nano-coating technology to protect a selected range of devices. The new award-winning Voyager Legend™ headset and BackBeat® GO headsets are both protected by P2i.

Invisible to the human eye, at a thickness equivalent to a thousandth of a human hair, the nano-coating does not alter the look or feel of the devices. This ultra-thin size of the coating also enables the entire product to be treated - inside and out. The resulting effect is that liquids simply run off the headsets instead of permeating and damaging the internal electrical components.

Describing the partnership, Tanguy Leborgne, vice president of consumer solutions at Plantronics commented: “For an active person always on the go, moisture shouldn’t alter the performance of their headset. As experts in wearable technology, Plantronics recognizes that whatever the environment, our customers expect their headsets to operate round the clock. P2i’s nano-coating allows us to take our products one step further, providing industry leading moisture protection,”

Tackle moisture head on with Plantronics and P2i