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Porvair and p2i look to change the face of filtration

P2i has teamed up with Porvair, a leading worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems to improve the  performance of its automotive products and consumable medical devices. Porvair develops, designs and manufactures specialist filtration and separation equipment with operations in the UK, US and Germany.

Traditional filtration devices suffer from oil, liquid and particle build-up over time, reducing the lifespan of these products and increasing the need for them to be replaced and in situations where filters are used repeatedly. These tend to be costly with additional chemicals incorporated to enhance performance longevity.

Understanding these challenges faced by the filtration industry, P2i’s revolutionary nano-coating technology enables new filtration media to be incorporated, reducing costs while enhancing and improving the surface properties of existing filtration media. P2i’s technology increases oil and water repellency whilst maintaining pore size and airflow without affecting bulk properties.

Furthermore, P2i technology has helped improve the life of filtration products by offering increased liquid protection and greater working efficiencies, particularly in harsh environments allowing them to operate at much higher levels in their intended application.

Porvair understood the advantages offered by the technology as well as the low energy, solvent free and environmental properties that the P2i process offers.