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P2i is the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology.

P2i’s patented technology lowers the surface energy of products by developing an ultrathin polymer layer on all surfaces. This acts to keep the item ‘neutral’ and therefore reduces the disruption of intermolecular bonds within a liquid. Now instead of being attracted and spreading out on a product, liquids remain in droplet formation and easily move away from the surfaces.

For complex three dimensional products such as smartphones and tablets, the low surface energy means liquids are not drawn through the device by means of capillary action. This surface modification dramatically increases the reliability of electronic devices as they are protected from the effects of corrosion and water damage. 


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Our latest press releases can be found on the News page, and you can download our Company Background information below. Be sure to check out our Case Studies section to find out how brands including Alcatel ONE TOUCH, are benefitting from the P2i magic.

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