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SCOTT Sports race to ultimate performance with ion-mask

As a leading provider of equipment and apparel for bikes, wintersport, motorsport and running, SCOTT Sports is aware of the discomfort wet conditions can bring to sportspeople.

With this in mind SCOTT Sports has elected to use P2i’s revolutionary ion-mask™ liquid repellent nano-coating technology to provide ultimate levels of comfort and performance on their trail running shoes.

ion-mask™ technology is applied on a nanoscopic scale, so it doesn’t affect the look or feel of the shoe. It does however affect the way water interacts with the shoe. On a treated shoe water simply forms beads and roles off ensuring the shoe stays dry. This also allows the shoe to stay light weight as the water doesn’t soak into the material, an important aspect for those long distance runs.

SCOTT Sports has a philosophy of INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN and is consistently striving to deliver ultimate performance. Understanding the challenges faced by runners with wet shoes, including added weight to the shoe, lack of breathability, and the creation of blisters, SCOTT Sports is able to see the benefits ion-mask™ can bring to performance shoes.