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Increasing the reliability of electronic devices

Worry free phones with  Aridion™ technology by P2i

Smartphones are complex platforms, offering a host of applications, packaged in a variety of designer devices. With its revolutionary aridion™ technology, P2i can now protect your phone against liquid damage.

Smartphones have come a long way offering more than just the basic combination of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), camera and phone. As functionality becomes infinite and its extraction from our daily lives almost impossible, protecting our communication tool is paramount.

Aridion™ provides an invisible layer (1000 times smaller than a human hair) to every surface of the phone, inside and out. The coating works to lower the surface energy of the phone so that once treated, liquids simply repel, keeping the phone free from corrosion and safeguarding the data. Whether you are caught in the rain or accidentally knock over your glass of wine, your smartphone will continue to work.

Stephen Coulson, P2is Chief Technology Officer, commented “We are working with numerous global brands to apply our patented technology onto tens of millions of electronic devices, across manufacturing centres in five continents. It will not be long before this technology is expected as standard by consumers”. 

As a nano-coating, Aridion™, maintains the look, feel and functionality of the phone - reducing electrochemical migration and water ingress - without affecting the intricate internal electronic components.