Splashes over electronic devices


Everyday protection from splashes and spills

P2i’s splash-proof nano-coating technology dramatically increases the reliability of electronic devices, protecting them from everyday splashes and spills. The hydrophobic layer ensures superior liquid repellency, by protecting the entire device in just one process – leaving no weak points to attract moisture and corrosion. The nano-coating does not affect the performance of finely-tuned acoustic components, nor the conductivity of electrical mechanisms, and is invisible to the naked eye. With the splash-proof technology, users can confidently go about their day without having to worry about accidental water damage.

P2i’s splash-proof technology is the award-winning defense against everyday splashes and spills:

o             Proven on tens of millions of devices
o             In production with major OEMs and brands
o             Extensive patent portfolio
o             Hundreds of nano-coating systems in operation
o             Validated as the only efficient, cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing
o             Protects every aspect of the device – both inside and out
o             Production-ready protection against corrosion and water damage