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Teva® rides the wave with ion-mask

Teva®, a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation, arrived on the scene over 25 years ago with the world’s first sports sandal and have continued to identify and enhance areas in which water affects adventure ever since.

The first mountain bike shoe Teva® produced was the Links. As well as introducing innovative technologies such as ion-mask™, the company spent over a year with Jeff Lenosky – known as the father of freeride mountain biking – ensuring the shoe was more than fit for purpose.
In particular, Teva® wanted to combine the outstanding traction of their Spider365 rubber sole with an uncompromising water management technology. ion-mask™, a nano-coating  protective layer on which water forms beads and simply rolls off, delivers this step-changing improvement.

In 2012 Teva's Fuse-ion shoe was selected by the National Geographic as part of their 'Gear of the Year' for its ability to combine the comfort of a skate sneaker with water protection, keeping feet dry on damp days.
ion-mask™ is able to provide this superior water repellency as it is molecularly bonded to the entire shoe including the different materials, seams, and fastenings. As it is applied on a nanoscopic scale it not only reduces external water getting in, but also allows for the natural breathability of the shoe materials, encouraging evaporated perspiration to flow out.
With a self-confessed obsession with water, it is not surprising that Teva® has seen the benefits of ion-mask™ technology.