Mobile phone in process chamber

The Process

P2i has over 60 patent families protecting the unique process, chemistry and design of the nano-coating systems.

The P2i technology employs plasma enhanced vapor deposition processing to apply an ultrathin polymer layer onto all surfaces of a product. The process takes place under low pressure within a vacuum chamber at room temperature. The coating is introduced as a vapor and ionized. This allows for the development of the polymer layer, which forms a covalent bond with the product’s surface, making it extremely durable.

The technology can be readily applied onto a wide variety of items made from a diverse range of materials. Occurring at low pressure, the coating penetrates complex three dimensional objects, protecting it internally and externally in the one process. As the coating is one thousand times thinner than a human hair, it does not affect the look or feel of products, including the delicate components of electronic devices, or the breathability of lifestyle materials.  

Leveraging knowledge and experience gained from commercial delivery of the technology to a broad range of customers around the world, P2i is able to customize the process, ensuring superior and targeted results for manufacturers and brands worldwide.