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Trekmates, working hand in hand with P2i

* P2i and Trekmates win OutDoor Industry Award 2012 for water repellent glove! Read more here.

Trekmates designers and manufacturers of outdoor accessories, is working with P2i and its innovative ion-mask™ technology to enhance and project their gloves.

Whether your work requires you to brave the elements, or your leisure time is best enjoyed in the great outdoors, Trekmates are the clothing of choice for the discerning shopper requiring high performance at competitive prices. The company had been looking for a solution to enhance its fleece glove range when they found P2i.

Keith E Paxton, CEO of Trekmates, comments: “As a company, we are always looking at new technologies and innovation to bring to our products. With P2i we are able to keep our customers hands warm and dry, using whatever fabric we chose to manufacture in. This has resulted in a significant growth across the entire range of ion-mask™ styles for AW2012. The soft touch and a superior durable water repellent finish make them the most comfortable fleece glove on the market.”

P2i’s ion-mask™ technology is amazing, finer than a human hair, it cannot be seen by the human eye nor detectable when worn, but something so small delivers enormous benefits. The invisible protective layer means that the water cannot be absorbed by the glove as liquids are simply repelled. The wearer can enjoy the comfort provided by fabric and be assured in the knowledge of its outdoor capabilities, keeping hands toasty, warm and dry.

Trekmates design, manufacture and market a range of outdoor accessories and clothing that are functional, high quality and represents excellent value for money.