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Val Dal saves suede from stains with ion-mask

What woman doesn’t wish for long lasting good looks? Well now, thanks to leading ladies footwear brand, Van Dal, this can at least be a reality for shoes!

Offering a full range of footwear protected by ion-mask™, P2i’s revolutionary liquid repellent nano-coating, even Van Dal’s suede shoes will retain their good looks for longer by resisting scuffs and stains. Imagine spilling red wine on a suede shoe, only to see the liquid simply bead up and roll off without leaving a stain or any evidence that it even happened.

ion-mask™ applies a protective layer one thousand times thinner than a human hair around each and every fibre of the shoe using an ionised gas or ‘plasma’. Invisible to the naked eye, it doesn’t alter the look, feel or weight of the shoe, but renders it super-hydrophobic. Unlike other technologies, ion-mask™ also maintains the breathability of the shoe ensuring continued air circulation, which helps to prevent blisters.

In a fashion conscious market where the durability and aesthetics of the product are equally important, ion-mask™ really comes into its own, guaranteeing customers a superior product no other technology can offer.