Sustainability is at the core of all of our products at P2i

Our commitment

At P2i we are committed to helping our customers reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and products. This is why we continue to lead the way by delivering solutions that support our and our customers’ environmental and sustainability goals.

Not only was P2i the first company to bring a water-repellent nano-coating solution to the market, but we are also the first company to commercialise a generation of halogen free plasma nano-coating solutions. Together, this allows us to help our customers to:

  • Reduce waste generated from customers’ products destroyed by liquids
  • Reduce waste and emissions created when repairing customers’ products which have been damaged by liquids
  • Reduce waste from the manufacturing line through ease of re-workability generating a reduction in scrapped materials
  • Eliminate harmful chemicals from the manufacturing process
  • Meet environmental targets