CTIA attendees discover the best ways to protect their devices from liquid damage

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Last month, our Chief Technology Officer, Dr Stephen Coulson spoke to a packed workshop at CTIA Super Mobility 2016, Las Vegas about the dangers of water damage to devices and how our patented, nano-coating technology can protect your devices from everyday splashes, spills and sweat.

Dr Coulson demonstrated to the crowd how the hydrophobic technologies allowed for protection of all the device components – without changing the look or feel of the device.

Participants learned that water damage is the second biggest killer of electronic devices and costs the industry billions of dollars each year in replacements.

Coulson explained in the workshop that, as we’re so reliant on our phones, our expectations grow as they develop. We gradually start to expose them to more severe conditions such as extreme weather – which creates greater risks.

With this dependence on our mobile devices, liquid protection is becoming a standard feature that consumers expect.

Dr Coulson continued: “With millions of phones being destroyed due to water damage each year, it’s important that organisations begin to include liquid protection as a standard feature.”

After the workshop, Dr Coulson added: “It was a really interesting event, and a great opportunity for organisations to find out the latest news in the mobile repair industry.”