P2i awards just keep on coming!

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Last month we were announced the winner of a coveted silver Stevie – nicknamed after the Greek word for ‘crowned’ – from the International Business Awards for ‘Most Innovative Company in Asia’. This is just one of many awards to add to our growing list of accolades achieved in 2016.

The International Business Awards recognise success and accomplishments of businesses worldwide and this year there were almost 4,000 nominations. Our liquid repellent nano technology impressed at the business world’s most prestigious accolades, showing how outstanding we are at what we do.

On collecting the award, P2i’s CEO Carl Francis said: “This award is a great honour. Protecting electronic devices from liquids is becoming a ‘must have’ for the increasingly informed consumer. As the only company that can deliver a premium solution at ultra-high manufacturing volumes, the growing list of global brands adopting our technology says it all.”

It was a great honour to be recognised by the judges as ‘an innovative and forward-thinking company.’ We’d like to thank all of our employees for their hard work and dedication and congratulate all of the other winners and nominees from the Global Business Excellence Awards.

We’re also delighted to be shortlisted as a finalist for the British Business Awards where the category of “Best New Exporter to China” will be announced next month.

These awards are particularly special, as they show our growing influence in the Asia region. For a UK-based business, this signifies that we are a company with a truly global outlook and reach.

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