P2i ranked third in the Intellectual Property League Table 2017

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Nano-coating solutions provider ranked first in Patent IP Asset Class

London, UK – 10th April 2017 – P2i, the world leader in liquid repellent nano-coating technology, has been ranked third in Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank’s IP100 League Table compiled by Metis Partners. The IP League Table profiles and ranks innovative companies, highlighting those which have significantly invested in their IP in the form of IP creation, IP management policies, R&D activities and IP commercialisation.

The Oxfordshire based company was also ranked first in the ‘Best in Patent IP Asset Class’. This was in part due to its wide patent portfolio spanning across multiple key territories, and meticulous due diligence before filings, to ensure the patent landscape was in its favour.

Ady Moores, CEO of P2i said, “P2i has applied its patented, innovative liquid resistance nanotechnology to more than 175 million smartphones globally, making it the world leader in this area. The proprietary technology is changing what is possible in electronic product design. Our international customer support and technical know-how are unrivalled and focused on our customers’ needs, both now and in the future, to improve the quality and reliability of their products.”

Stephen Robertson, co-founder of the IP100 added, “P2i’s patent filings and their management of them was one of the most impressive we have encountered since the IP100’s inception. The Company boasts a considerable patent portfolio spanning across multiple territories, and with a deep understanding of pre-application diligence and regular pruning of their filings, P2i was able to claim 3rd spot on the overall rankings and this year’s top spot in the Patents category.”

Moores concluded, “We have worked on a comprehensive review of our IP management strategies over the last few years to help us maintain our competitive advantage. As innovation accelerates it is important that P2i can maximise and leverage that technological edge. The recognition of our IP management standards in this year’s league table is a significant milestone in the company’s thirteen year history.”

About the IP100
The IP100 is the UK’s only dedicated ecosystem for IP-rich companies, enabling them to gain recognition for the investment they have made in IP. The IP100 scoring has become a benchmark for IP management techniques, enabling companies to assess their effectiveness in IP management and identify real and measurable improvements they can implement to both IP creation and IP management to affect their score. Entrants also gain access to the IP100 Club, which hosts monthly IP-focused events, and the IP League Table annual report, which profiles and ranks these innovative companies according to their IP score.

For more information, please visit: www.metispartners.com/ip-league-table-2-2/2017-results-spring-update/