The headlines from MWC 2017!

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A record total of 108,000 visitors attended Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, up 7% on the previous year. It’s theme ‘The Next Element’ captured the constant change of mobile technologies. With many new smartphones and devices being launched in the market, 3 flagship smartphones were released that included the P2i technology: Huawei’s P10 and Motorola’s Moto G5 and G5 Plus.

Throughout the 4 day event the P2i stand was buzzing with interest; there were some key meetings with our existing, new and potential clients, as well as journalists from the UK and China who dropped in, and even Spanish TV. Everyone was impressed with our water-repellency demonstrations and the ‘wall of water’ video display that highlighted the growth of water protection in the smartphone market; how 900,000 smartphones are damaged by water every day; and how P2i Splash-proof is proven to prevent this damage. In our usual spot, our booth was very easy to see, from the escalator where we grabbed people’s attention on their way up to the next level! We were even ranked in the top 13 most innovative companies at MWC by the UK’s Department For International Trade 2017. The P2i Staff from the UK and China thoroughly enjoyed the event including the sampling of all the glorious taste sensations of Spain in the evenings.

Growing up with MWC: from start-up to industry leader.

Jocelyne Bath, VP Commercial Strategy at P2i, explains how the business has adapted their presence at MWC throughout the years.

P2i’s water-resistant nano-coating technology is on smartphones made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers, and this was the company’s seventh year at Mobile World Congress. Personally, it was my fifth; and, even in that time, our presence and messaging has changed pretty significantly. While what we’ve looked to get out of the show has evolved, it remains as relevant an event today as it did back when we first did it.

Five years ago, we were trying to build a name for ourselves. That meant showcasing how innovative our technology was, and we did this by building an interactive laboratory to visualize the process we’d gone through inventing it, patenting it and commercializing it.

Then came a major change; no longer did we have to explain what our technology did to handset manufacturers. We were able to look like the professional, established organisation we already were by that point. This helped build their confidence in us and their investment in our technology. The last couple of years therefore have focused on meeting with customers, to celebrate the work that P2i does with them. At the same time, we want to make sure that anybody can come and see us and get a good feel for the kind of company we are. That’s a truly global organisation, with huge market share in a space that’s growing quicker than anything else in the mobile industry.

The whole reason we decided to work with our PR agency, Hotwire, in the run-up to this year’s MWC, was to refocus our efforts and ensure people knew how well established the company is. We wanted to be recognized for our market leading position, innovative solution, and as a technology provider that works with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Huawei and Motorola.

It’s been a really collaborative effort to bring P2i back into the limelight in a relatively short time-frame, successfully re-engaging with some the industry’s key influencers to promote our key messages. By raising our public profile, being recognized by the media as a key player in the mobile ecosystem, customers and prospects can feel confident in P2i’s longevity and ability to meet their requirements.

We’ve also made huge strides in terms of developing our owned media and video has been a major focus for us in showcasing P2i’s capabilities and use cases. The more you walk around MWC, the more you realize how impressive the video walls are. We’ve put together some great content, and its drawing lots of attention to the stand, with people stopping, watching and asking us plenty of questions.The easiest measure of success will be if people are still talking about us after the show, but from the conversations we’ve been having so far, the future looks very bright indeed. What will be key is making sure the market keeps hearing about us and is made aware of the handsets our nano-coating is on between now and next year’s show!

Having been to MWC for a number of years now, it’s harder and harder to see something really new and understandably, growth in the mobile industry is slowing down a bit. The marketplace is getting more crowded, and if you want to differentiate your product, you have to get into the detail, while keeping your audience’s attention, which is easier said than done. Those companies that will have the most success this year will be those that can communicate this differentiation as effectively as possible, but that requires really clear messaging, and a unified position on the direction the organisation is going in.

For all the changes the industry has seen, some things like clear, effective communications, understanding your company’s position in the market place, and the ability to articulate points of differentiation has never been more essential than it is today.