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Following on from the funding announcement earlier this year, where P2i secured a £10 million funding deal from Clydesdale Bank, CEO Ady Moores said “following a very strong first half year financial performance where we have exceeded all our targets, we have seen a marked up-take in the adoption of our existing technologies by new consumer electronic customers. We continue to ramp up our production capacity in our customers factories as we move into their peak production periods.”

We are also expanding our investment into R&D as P2i works towards their next generation coating. “We have spent a lot of time in the past 12 to 18 months fine-tuning our next generation coating technology”, said Ady. “In the mobile market we are seeing higher end devices moving towards much higher levels of water protection, and our next generation coating will enable us to offer a waterproof coating solution to the mobile industry. We are excited about the level of technical specification we have achieved and it opens up a plethora of technical markets like automotive and healthcare areas, where very clear technical specifications have to be met.”