Neal Harkrider’s new role as Chief Operating Officer

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Having picked up the mantle as P2i’s COO I have been asked to share my thoughts and comment on our state of the business leading into the first half of 2019.

Let me start by saying how excited our senior management is to close out another great year. With the help of our excellent staff, and commitment from our extended supplier base we are genuinely poised to make 2019 a bumper year for ourselves, our customers, and our investors.

I am fortunate to have been asked to expand my role from CVO to COO in Q4. That said, our expanding momentum in 2H 2018 has P2i well positioned in the marketplace like never before. Here are three areas I plan to expand on as we head into 2019:

  • P2i just completed an in-depth analysis on our corporate structure and how best to service our ever-expanding product base. Our entire structure is now pivoted to an enhanced commercial focus across the organization. Why are we doing this? We successfully launched two new products to the marketplace in the second half of 2018. In addition to our bellwether Splash-proof X coating, we now feature a cutting-edge Barrier Coating, and our next generation cutting edge technology will be revolutionizing the marketplace.
  • IPX2 to IPX8 protection. What does that mean? P2i now offered a complete portfolio of protection for consumer electronics that no other competitor in the market can match. If they say otherwise, challenge them. We know we are the best, and our field data and lab tests confirm this. The challenge for operations is to keep up with the pace of new applications, samples, testing, machine deployments, to keep us ahead of our increasing demands. Never fear, we are up to the challenge.
  • In a previous newsletter, P2i announced our new Splash-proof X technology with gained efficiencies up to 2 x processing speeds realized on P2i’s Splash-proof product. See
  • In 2H 2018 P2i has started rolling out this Splash-proof X enhanced new technology across our customer base globally yielding opportunities in machine optimization. For our operations this allows us to focus on machine utilization across our entire global footprint. Same output, less footprint. We are focused on offering an enhanced experience in the field as we move forward with pace into 2019.