Mobile connectivity on the up!

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We all know that in today’s world that being connected through Mobile technology is essential and its usage has been rapidly growing. Today 57% of the world’s population has internet access with the highest percentage being in North America at 89%.   With 4.4 billion internet users worldwide* this is expected to continue to grow.

As mobile device penetration spreads across the globe with mobile online traffic representing 48% of total traffic, our time spent on a mobile device is also increasing.   As we know, Internet access is easy and accessible particularly through a smartphone either accessing a personal diary, email dispatcher, calculator, video game player, camera and music player.  It seems that the phone has become our essential digital security blanket and that time spent on it is on the rise. Research has shown that in 2019 an average of 132 minutes per day is spent on a mobile device and is forecast to grow to 155 minutes per day by 2021 which is a notable increase of 17%**.

With this increased time and access to phones throughout the day, it is more likely that accidents can happen whilst users focus their attention on their phones. Allegedly 19% of people drop their phone down the toilet and have allowed it to slip to into a watery grave.  Google research has said that 39% of people take their smartphone to the toilet.

With P2i’s key focus on consumer electronics and coupled with our experience in a range of key sectors including smartphones, IoT, filtration and military, P2i recognizes that the levels of liquid protection needed 24/7 are more crucial across daily living routines and the external environment.  With this mind, P2i has developed a solutions range spanning from protection against humidity and weather to splashes and spills and immersion of at least 2 metres depth for 30 minutes.

As our technology becomes an essential feature on consumer and sensitive electronics, we can bring reliability to everyday life and protect devices from liquid damage.

*Internet world stats 2019

** Statista 2019