Our Technology

With our key focus on consumer electronics, and our experience in a range of key sectors including smartphones, filtration and military, P2i is the Global Leader in Liquid Repellent Nanotechnology.

We strive to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

P2i have developed a solutions range spanning from protection against humidity and weather, to splashes and spills and immersion of at least 2 metres depth for 30 minutes. One coating process is not enough to satisfy the varying needs of our customers across different sectors and technologies, so we have developed a whole solutions range.

At P2i, we believe our technology should be a standard feature in all consumer electronics

Slash dip pool dive

Bringing Reliability to Everyday Life

Everyday Protection
Our pioneer technology is the basic protection all electronic products should have. An invisible nanocoating applied to the fully assembled device, which protects every component inside and out. It increases reliability and durability over the product lifetime, and provides everyday protection to prevent damage caused by exposure to humid environments, such as bathrooms, drink spillage, light rain and sweat. Typical devices that would benefit from this protection include smartphones and wearables.
Accidents Happen
An innovative solution designed to protect sensitive electrical components. It offers advanced component level protection on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with no masking of electrical connections. The increased level of liquid protection dramatically enhances the reliability of devices, meaning they can survive the all-too-common, brief accidental fall into the kitchen sink, the bath or even down the toilet. Resistant to heavy rain, it gives you greater freedom to take devices where ever you want to go.
Ruggedized Performance
This revolutionary coating has our highest level of protection on electronic devices and prevents accidental liquid damage caused by total submersion giving unparalleled performance. From the coldest and driest to the hottest or wettest, safeguarding against the most challenging environments and extreme weather giving ruggedized performance without the ruggedized look. Devices will continue to work as all the key components will be protected against immersion to a depth of at least 2m for 30 minutes.
Our future range - Lifetime Guarantee
P2i continues to build on our product portfolio and next generation technologies. The R&D team is developing a new range of functional solutions for long term water exposure giving cutting-edge performance breaking through the accepted levels of water protection for the life-time of the device. The possibilities are endless as P2i continues to work with the world’s leading companies, who are constantly challenging their product with improvements and related performance.

Why work with us?

We tailor our technology to suit specific devices: their target market, performance requirements and level of potential liquid damage they will be exposed.

  • Utilise P2i’s reliable global expertise and a recognised industry know-how across our range of liquid protection solutions
  • Realize a faster time to market with P2i’s established production processes
  • Increase the lifetime of a device by avoiding liquid corrosion on a range of devices and electronic components
  • Experience a reduction in Field Return Rates caused by liquid damage to smartphones and devices
  • Choose from a range of liquid protection solutions to gain competitive advantage
  • Manage aesthetics in product design lifecycles without the limitations of mechanical seals
  • Explore limitless advanced design features through the application of our invisible nano coating technology
  • Secure peace of mind through Patented technology that guarantees quality and protection
  • Improve customer satisfaction through better performance and device reliability
  • Excel at reliability tests when using P2i’s technology including the IPXX shower tests, accelerated lifetime tests and other standard network trials
  • Flexible Business Model