With P2i’s nanotechnology, consumers enjoy more freedom to take their devices wherever they go

P2i works directly with the manufacturers of smartphones and other electronic devices to apply the P2i nano-coating as part of the manufacturing process, so that devices purchased by consumers have the highest levels of protection.

Every day 900,000 people damage their phone through contact with water or other liquids. (IDC Dec’16) In fact, 43% of us have suffered from accidental water damage to our phones.

This happens as devices are no longer something that live in our backpack or stay tucked in a purse. As their capability grows, they not only become more integrated into our lifestyles, but we also expect them to perform in harsher environments.

At P2i, we work directly with manufacturers and brands to solve the problems consumers experience due to water damage. Our ultra-thin nano coatings make devices splash proof and can even protect them against the occasional dunk in water.

Whether you’re in the gym, by the pool, in a bar or outside in the weather, with P2i’s technology, your phone will survive almost anything life throws at it.