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Sustainable Liquid Protection

Global regulations and environmental responsibility are driving industries to minimise and move away from the widespread use of fluorine-based chemicals in protective coatings. Our clients use P2i’s plasma coating to sustainably protect electronics, devices and materials from water ingress and corrosion. Through increasing manufacturing yields, reducing costs, reducing e-waste and minimising the use of chemicals by applying ultra-thin coatings, P2i’s liquid protection coatings deliver sustainable competitive advantages to our customers.

Scale of the Problem

  • 1 in 5 electronic devices is scrapped each year.
  • 58M tonnes of e-waste generated in 2021, outweighing the Great Wall of China, and is is projected to grow to 75M tonnes by 2030 – equivalent to 8.8Kg per capita.
  • E-waste contains several toxic additives, posing risks to our environment and human health.
  • Only 17% of e-waste is recycled per annum and over 900,000 smartphones suffer preventable liquid damage per annum.

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P2i’s unique technology offering works at the molecular level to deliver the thinnest, most robust liquid protection on the market. At the material level, our technology allows us to functionalise any solid surface to deliver the liquid protection properties required by our clients.

Our ultra-thin barrier coatings offer the full range of liquid and environmental protection, including IPx1-IPx8+ for electronic devices. This range of electronics coating is achieved by delivering both liquid repellency (P2i – Splash-proof), to keep water out of a device, and electrical barrier coating properties (P2i – Barrier), to prevent corrosion damage, over a range of coating thicknesses.

P2i Solutions

Market Sectors

P2i specialises in sustainably protecting products at a lower application cost and a lower total cost of ownership to incumbent conformal coating solutions, increasing product life cycles, decreasing waste and enabling the circular economy by allowing our customers to use ultra-thin barrier coatings and adopt reduce, reuse, recycle strategies.


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