P2i’s technology delivers game-changing solutions to the challenges associated with liquid damage.


P2i’s patented pulsed plasma deposition process provides the highest levels of liquid repellency by delivering hydrophobic nano coatings on entire 3D products, on the inside and out. Our functional nano coatings provide protection spanning from humidity and weather, to splashes and spills and even accidental submersion. We tailor our technology to suit specific devices: their target market, performance requirements and levels of potential liquid damage they will be exposed to.

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P2i works directly with leading OEMs and brands in the consumer electronics industry to increase the reliability of devices by protecting them from liquid damage. Our nano coating technology is easily integrated into existing manufacturing lines with a simple one-button process, which applies an ultra-thin protective nano coating onto devices, which safeguards against water damage. Since entering this market in 2011, we have expanded our footprint to factories on four continents and coated millions of devices including smartphones, tablets, headphones, headsets and hearing aids.

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The main application for our coating technology is electronics, but we also have experience in other sectors such as Filtration, Performance and Military Clothing, and Life Sciences. We believe applications for our revolutionary technology are endless and will continue investing in research and development to explore new growth opportunities in our sector.

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P2i was established in 2004 to commercialize the hydrophobic technologies developed by our CTO Stephen Coulson and the UK Ministry of Defence. In just over a decade, our team has achieved excellence in multiple market sectors and we have 160 granted patents and patent applications. A truly global company, with major offices in the UK and China, and our technology is implemented in factories around the world.

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