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Accidents happen so we require Sustainable electronics – IPX3-8

P2i Barrier provides unrivalled liquid protection for printed circuits board assemblies (PCBAs) for any electrical product. P2i’s revolutionary plasma coating delivers industry-leading protection and is the thinnest re-workable conformal coating, ensuring manufacturers reduce scrap and improve production yields while maximising liquid protection to increase product lifetime, reduce field returns and minimise waste. Since 2014, P2i has worked with the world’s leading OEMs and brands to deploy our Barrier coating technology in mass production to protect PCBAs from corrosion damage with the lowest TCO.


  • Electrical barrier coating protects PCBAs against a wide range of liquids and corrosive environments.
  • Exceeds industry standards providing the full range (IPX3-8) of protection for the PCBAs and over 1000 hours accelerated life testing.
  • Lifetime protection with a non-degradable ultra-thin coating – the thinnest re-workable conformal coating.
  • Reworkable coating for in-factory rework and field return repairs.
  • Connector compatibility with minimal masking required for a wide range of connectors.
  • P2i’s Halogen-free coating goes beyond global regulations, delivering a greener, more sustainable solution with the lowest TCO.
  • Will replace incumbent parylene and liquid based conformal coatings as the next generation technology.

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Sustainable Electronic Benefits


Will deiver a 90%+ reduction in field failure returns. The molecular based process ensures 100% PCBA level protection to deliver sustaibale electronics.


Increased protection increases product life-cycle. In turn this improves the sustainability of electronics by reducing the carbon footprint. This allows customers to adopt reduce, reuse, recycle strategies. Often, this is not possible with incumbent parylene and liquid based conformal coatings.


Operating at the molecular level, Barrier coating will protect any PCBA; no matter how small. This future-proofs our cusotmer’s products as enables product miniaturisation.


The sustianable nature is further realised as it is re-workable. Adopting existing factory rework processes, manufacturers can eliminate scrap. This maximises production yields and salvaged components from returned devices can be reused. This enables the circular economy and creates sustainable electronics.


Compared to conventational parylene and liquid based coatings, Barrier delivers a lower TCO. This is due to less labour requirements, eliminated scrap and reduced field failure returns.


When delivering electronics globally, brand reputation for high quality is essential. By delivering sustainable electronics, greater sales volumes and reduced customer churn will be realised.


Gain freedom and flexibility with increased product design opportunties. Mechanical seals and gaskets are no longer required as the Barrier coating delivers the optimum PCBA protection.


Increase product life-cycles and reduce the carbon footprint per device by deploying Barrier. Sustainable electronics will help reduce the growing e-waste challange we all face.

Sustainable Electronics BROCHURE

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