P2i is a technology solutions provider with over ten years of experience developing liquid repellent nano coatings.

With a focus on the consumer electronics industry, we work directly with OEMs to make devices water resistant, improving their reliability and enabling them to survive liquid exposure in everyday accidents.

What We Do

For the past decade, our research and development team have been perfecting P2i’s unique technology. Our patented pulsed plasma process delivers ultra-thin hydrophobic nano coatings, which provide the highest levels of liquid repellency. We are the only company in our sector who are proven in mass production, and have years of experience integrating our technology into manufacturing lines and providing world class service and support. Our commercial expertise and proven success in mass production across multiple market sectors is unparalleled.


Our History


P2i originated within the UK Ministry of Defence. After conducting his Ph.D. research at Durham University, our CTO Stephen Coulson worked for the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) investigating liquid repellent nano coatings to protect soldiers’ uniforms from chemical attacks. In 2004, Coulson founded P2i to commercialize the plasma technology he had invented. Since then, we have operated in several industries including Consumer Electronics, Filtration, and Life Sciences. We have also 160 granted patents and patent applications and acquired ground-breaking technologies in new surface functionalities.



Our achievements reflect our efforts and we remain confident in our future as global leaders in functional nano coatings.  We continue to deepen our business penetration into the mobile smartphone market as demand in the marketplace is increasing. Accidental splashes and spills can happen so easily for the normal everyday user, that water resistance is now one of the most important features influencing consumer’s decisions when it comes to choosing a smartphone.


A Global Company

P2i is a borderless business. Our headquarters are in the UK, where we base our research and development, machine build, service and support, processing and business administration roles. In addition, P2i has an applications center in China and our technology is implemented in factories around the world.

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P2i Limited Global Headquarters
9-12 North Central
127 Olympic Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SA
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1235 833100

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