About Us

P2i protects the world’s products from liquid damage, sustainably and with the lowest total cost of ownership. We achieve this by delivering ultra-thin plasma conformal coatings to the market. This preserves their value, enhancing their lifetime and reusability to reduce waste.

Company Overview

P2i protects the world’s products from liquid damage sustainably and with the lowest total cost of ownership. Discover more about why our customers choose P2i, our solutions, our markets, and our commitment to sustainability.

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We are looking for individuals passionate about protecting products sustainably by providing cutting edge technology to provide the thinnest coatings available. We are a truly global company, recruiting across Europe and Asia. If you want to work for P2i doing something that has never been done before, check our vacancies below.

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Management Team

Discover more about our executive leadership team and our non-executive board.

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P2i Charitable Trust

The P2i Charitable Trust was established in 2010 to support scientific education and the lives of underprivileged children in the regions where P2i operates.

It is through the P2i Charitable Trust that we demonstrate our commitment to local communities. Our funds are raised by P2i’s employees and donated directly to specific individuals and organisations falling within the scope of the trust’s goals. We also award funds to charities that support the same objectives.

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