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P2i specialises in sustainably protecting products with an ultra-thin plasma conformal coating. This delivers a lower application cost and lower total cost of ownership to incumbent conformal coating solutions. This results in increasing product life cycles, decreasing waste and enabling the circular economy.

P2i’s unique technology offering works at the molecular level to deliver the thinnest, most robust, ultra-thin liquid protection on the market. At the material level, our technology allows us to functionalise any solid surface to deliver the liquid protection properties required by our clients.


P2i’s ultra-thin conformal coating technology provides comprehensive liquid and environmental protection for electronic devices, components and systems across all electronic applications.

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Materials suffer from liquid damage due to their selection based on bulk properties and cost. P2i’s ultra-thin plasma coatings enhance the material performance, adding value and increasing product life-time.

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P2i has been working with medical and life-science manufactures for over fifteen years, delivering market leading ultra-thin conformal liquid protection from a range of liquids, including oils, alcohols and other low surface tension reagents. Our ultrathin coatings are proven to be non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-sensitising to the skin and are also compliant with regulatory requirements.

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