Hydrophobic – Splash-proof

Everyday hydrophobic protection – IPx1-2

We apply an ultra-thin hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to the full device. This will not compromise the look, feel or performance. Splash-proof will achieve an IPx1-IPx2 hydrophobic rating on all devices. In addition, the treated device is also protected against high humidity, splashes and spills. Since 2010, P2i has worked with the world’s leading OEMs and brands to deploy our hydrophobic Splash-proof in mass production.


  • The hydrophobic layer reduces liquid ingress by up to 95% – delivering liquid proof performance.
  • Reduced corrosion. Significantly improves device reliability and resilience in adverse environments.
  • Passes Major Carrier Tests, including IPX2 and Salt-fog.
  • Oil repellent coating provides additional protection against oils and grease. Traditional seals cannot prevent ingress of these low surface tension liquids.
  • Full device hydrophobic treatment protects all device components with a single process.
  • Increased product life cycles decrease carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.
  • The hydrophobic effect penetration into gaps protects ingress points for the lifetime of the device.
  • Compliant chemistry meets with global industry regulations.

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Hydrophobic Benefits


Increased reliability and durability – Our technology protects electronic devices from liquid splashes. This prevents premature failures associated with liquid damage. The hydrophobic devices are more reliable in all environments which increases product lifetimes.


Increased reliability and durability means that repair and replacement costs are low. This results in an immediate return on investment.


Manufacturers need products to achieve certain hydrophobic protection levels. This reduces customer churn and maintains the highest quality standards.


By producing long-lasting, hydrophobic devices, manufacturers see an increase in customer satisfaction rates. This has a positive effect on brand reputation.


Hydrophobicity is a unique selling point that sets P2i’s customers apart from their competitors. This helps them stand out in the crowded market and sell more devices.


Reducing water damage related returns by up to 60% through hydrophobic properties. This contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

Hydrophobic BROCHURE

Click on the video to the left to see the hydrophobic benefits in action.

Download the Hydrophobic Splash-proof brochure now and see how you can reduce field failure returns and lower your total cost of ownership.

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