Ultra-thin Plasma Coatings

P2i’s unique ultra-thin plasma coatings work at the molecular level to deliver the thinnest liquid protection on the market.

Plasma Coating - Technology

Our patented ultra-thin plasma enhanced chemical deposition process (PECVD) offers unrivalled coating quality and protection to devices (IPx1-IPx8), materials and components in any environment. Depending on the specific customer requirements, we can use our toolbox of capabilities to deliver the desired level of performance.

Why P2i?

Plamsa Coating - SPLASH-PROOF

Everyday protection – IPx1-2

· Complete device-level process for electronic devices and material level liquid proof coating.
· Applied to the finished product or material at the end of assembly line, prior to package and ship.
· Protects against ingress from splashes and spills and liquids wetting-out.

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Plasma Coating - BARRIER

Accidents happen – IPx3-8

· PCBA level electrical insulating layer.
· Applied post SMT line, prior to final assembly, test and pack.
· Protects PCBA from corroding following shallow and deep immersion, in addition to a wide range of harsh environmental conditions.

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Plasma Coating - Platform Technology

Our platform technology is inherently environmentally friendly,
delivers a sustainable process and ultra-thin coatings.
Integrity is built-in to extend the useable life of every product treated.

Environmentally, P2i’s technology offers numerous advantages over incumbent conformal coatings:

• Solvent-less, non-VOC, aqueous-free gas phase Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) process.
• Fully contained within a sealed chamber.
• No post-process cure or heat required.
• Filter stack removes all post-process vapors.

Coating / monomers:
• P2i’s latest unique monomers are compliant with all global regulations.
• Our Barrier Coating range is 100% halogen-free and PFAS-free – so fully regulatory compliant and not affected by expected future regulations.
• We deliver the thinnest conformal coating on the market.

Why P2i?

Toolbox of Plasma Coating Capabilities

P2i’s protection technologies are designed to protect all electronics from the full range of liquid and environmental threats.

• accidental splashes and spills
• short immersions
• deep immersions

This spans the full IPx range from IPx1-IPx8+.

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Why Work With Plasma Coatings

Proven track-record with understanding customers’ needs and defining a mass production solution across a wide range of industry sectors and product offerings.

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