Why P2i?

Why Our Clients Choose P2i

Trusted globally, P2i have over 350 customers who have validated our technology for mass manufacturing deployment around the world. P2i sustainably protects devices and materials to increase product life-cycles and help customers adopt reduce, reuse, recycle strategies.

Benefits of Choosing P2i


By protecting devices and materials sustainably from liquid ingress and damage, product life-cycles can be extended requiring less draw on the planet’s precious resources. As an example within electronics for a standard mobile phone, over 1kg CO2eq per device can be saved. Government regulations and global momentum is driving industry participants to make an increasing impact in their carbon equivalent savings. Partnering with P2i can enable our clients adopt reduce, reuse, recycle strategies to meet their goals faster, delivering greater sustainability and environmental benefits.


By deploying a technology that operates in the gas phase under low pressure at the molecular level, we can achieve covalent (strong) bonds between our ultra-thin protective coating and the materials it is attached to. This delivers the highest level of coating integrity and uniformity that incumbent protective coatings can’t match, delivering increased product life-cycles.


P2i’s coatings are a lower cost solution to protect devices and materials sustainably against liquid ingress at point of application. This
provides vastly superior whole life costings, generating a positive return on investment by  increasing manufacturing yields, reducing returns and field failures, extending the product lifecycle of the device and increasing reliability.



P2i supports two principle business models:

In-Line deployment:

P2i coating application manufacturing equipment deployed in customers’ manufacturing facility, dedicated to the customer manufacturing process to maximise efficiencies and performance.

Service Processing:

Where customers send semi-finished products to P2i’s own facilities to apply the liquid protection coating which provides a highly competitive service model for low – medium volume and quick-start processing.


Close customer partnership has proven successful in reducing the iterative cycles required to prove all qualification and verification criteria are being met. This is achieved by the customer sharing the specific test and evaluation protocols and standard operating procedures to qualify for mass production in advance of any samples being processed. From this communication our Applications Team will define the treatment strategy to meet their requirements.


By working closely with our customers we can define process improvements to deliver the best performing coating technology, in addition to increasing product life-cycles and lowering the total cost of ownership. To achieve this, our innovation spans the application process required to deliver the coating, the coating itself and how we integrate into the customer’s facility to deliver the full product offering. The flexibility of allowing reduce, reuse, recycle strategies is a game-changer for reducing costs and driving circularity.

Application Technology

Our Core Technology: A turn-key operation proven in high volume mass production with many of the world’s largest companies.

  • Operate at low pressure – allows us to penetrate complex 3D structures at the molecular level.
  • Use an ionization technique – creates reactive sites to bond covalently to chemically attach our monomers to the products/materials to be coated.
  • Pulsed plasma – gives control over retaining the structural properties of the starting monomers to give the desired functionality and depth of penetration.


P2i has a global Service & Support Team to ensure the efficient operation of the P2i liquid protection coating process. Our flexible approach ensures they receive the right level of support at the desired times.


P2i works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their Contract Manufacturers to enhance devices by making them liquid resistant, providing waterproof protection, improving their reliability and enabling them to survive liquid exposure from everyday accidents. We are proud to partner with leading manufacturers across a range of markets and over 350 customers have validated the P2i technology including:

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