At P2i, we are prepared to understand
and address the changing needs of our customers.

Since our commercialization in 2004, we have provided tailored services and support to each one of the OEMs and brands we have worked with. As a result, our high performing nano coatings have developed alongside our customers’ evolving requirements.

Our professional expertise and bespoke support is why we are chosen over our competitors. A small selection of our customers are shown below, highlighting the  benefits our technology brings not only to products, but to whole businesses.

Huawei P8 with P2i technology Times Square


P2i have been working with Huawei to apply our Spill Resistant nano-coating on their new flagship, the P8.

P2i are proud to be amongst the P8’s unique selling points that differentiate Huawei from many of its competitors, through the application of P2i’s liquid repellent nano-coating technology to further increase reliability.

ReSound device with P2i protection

ReSound Logo Identity New logo Brand id

GN ReSound Group, the technology leader in hearing solutions, has been using P2i’s nano-coating to improve the reliability and durability of their hearing aids since 2010, using the name iSolate. In over five years of operation, GN ReSound has processed several million of their hearing aids with P2i technology.

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Plantronics are an innovator in audio and wearable technology. Their headphones and headsets are intended for use in the gym or on the go. This exposes the devices to higher levels of liquid damage due to the greater risk of sweat and harsh weather environments. P2i’s liquid repellent coatings have been protecting Plantronics devices from these risks since 2012.