P2i has applied our innovative water resistant nano-coating technology to more than 300 million devices globally, making us world leaders.

Our technology is changing what is possible in electronics product design. Our international support is unrivalled. And the top device manufacturers look to us to protect their products – for now and for the future.

The demand for our knowledge and skills means we are confident in what we will achieve next. Our mission is to use our expertise as a springboard to launch our next round of innovative technologies that will protect the world’s electronic devices from liquid damage.

P2i Mission


To offer a proven solution to the market

Our game-changing protective nano-coating technology is proven, effective and a powerful brand differentiator


To make our employees proud

By building on our unrivalled reputation for the quality of our innovative technology as a platform for integration


To be the number one choice for customers

Electronic device OEMs choose us because of our ability to deliver end-to-end manufacturing processes with extensive support to match