The year in focus by CEO Ady Moores

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The company has achieved some significant milestones in 2017: From applying our innovative water-resistant technology to more than 250 million devices globally, seeing our customer base grow significantly, plus a further investment of £4m into R&D to continue our development of P2i’s next-generation technology and build towards our future.


We will use our expertise as a springboard to launch our next round of innovative technologies enabling us to provide a wider range of protection using our multi-functional and multi-level solutions to protect the world’s electronic devices from liquid damage.   Not only this, but we expect to increase market penetration into the Smartphone market beyond the mid-range, to the point where this feature will become assumed.  With manufacturers now pushing the limits of mobile design and features such as bezel-less and flexible displays becoming more prevalent, handset manufacturers are now looking to deliver cost-effective liquid protection solutions.


Hydrophobic coatings offer the same levels of protection as those achieved by physical solutions, we see multiple opportunities for growth outside of the Smartphone industry, including the IoT, agricultural and smart city as our initial focus. This is where our nanocoating technology can provide some real benefits, through offering innovative, and inexpensive options to these industries across a range of price points.