ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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Following the recent appointment of Neal Harkrider to Chief Value Office and President of Process and Quality, Neal says “I would like to thank everybody for working towards our assessment of the ISO Re-Certification audit recently held to the new higher ISO2001: 2015 standard.  With ISO now represented in over 150 countries and has published over 16,500 international standards, I was delighted that we met the high standards required to achieve recertification of ISO9001. During the assessment, it was evident that significant investment and commitment is being made by P2i to further improve the quality management system and ISO9001 in general.  With the inclusion of ISO champions in each department, an overhaul of the QMS including the method of hosting and document process controls in place, this will enable managers to feel in more control and ensure everyone in the organization is clear about what they do. This will also give us the ability and authority to resolve problems quickly and effectively.  Our customers too will benefit as we can show that we are consistent, reliable and fit for purpose and can respond to customer feedback proactively.  We have one further audit to complete in June, and a further plan to ISO certify our China operations by EOY 2018.