How durable is P2i’s Splash-proof protection?

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The latest release of P2i’s white paper proves the benefits of P2i’s Splash-proof technology and the lifetime protection provided.  P2i have amassed a collection of case studies presented within this white paper to clearly show the durability of the coating over the product lifetime.  This paper explains how all surfaces of a device are treated with P2i’s hydrophobic patented pulsed plasma deposition process through a single application and deep treatment process, protecting the access points from liquid ingress.

The tests and investigations outlined and undertaken by P2i, show that external abrasion through everyday wear and tear over the lifetime of the device does not have any negative impact on the liquid protection provided. Not only does the technology supply definitive reliability benefits for the end consumer, but it can also increase profit margins for the device manufacturer through a reduction in return rates and associated handling costs.

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