AR-VR & Gaming

AR-VR & Gaming

Unmet needs

Difficulty/impossibility of protecting cooling fans and joysticks due to large moving parts and inability to deploy sufficient mechanical seals within the controllers.

Retain desirable optical properties as have stare-through vs stare at optical requirements whilst achieving the desired liquid protection for the headsets.

Differentiation from Competitors

Mechanical seals can’t reliably and repeatably protect the desired components from water ingress, leading to liquid damage.

Liquid based conformal coatings don’t provide the longevity of performance and parylene requires unsustainable glues to gain sufficient protection which can’t be repaired or reused; leading to land fill and a large environmental footprint.

Unmet needs

P2i’s barrier coating:

Freely lets water, sweat and other liquids into a console without causing functional issues or long-term damage.

Requires minimal masking during assembly and delivers simplicity in production.

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