PCBA protection with the lowest TCO is essential for automotive applications where incumbent protection technologies struggle with PCBA miniaturization and conformal coating keep-out zones.

Current Issues

Coating performance that will sustain the miniturisation of electronics, whilst protecting from corrosion damage caused by the pooling of water following liquid condensation.

Requires full component underfill, in addition to coating both sides of the board and solder joints to ensure maximum reliability; suitable for safety critical components.

Thin enough coating to allow re-work on the assembly line to reduce scrap rate and maximise yield to deploy reuse and recycle strategies in addition to lowering total coat of ownership.

Differentiation from incumbent solutions

Our vacuum based, molecular deposited ultra-thin allows full component underfill, whereas incumbent liquid-based applications are too thick to adequately protect industry relevant miniaturized electronics or don’t edge- coat in a sufficiently uniform manner to preform through-out full life use.

Our fundamental approach allows repairability, requires less assembly test, less re-work, increases production yield and reduces scrap.

P2i's solution

The inherent nature of P2i’s barrier coating allows:

Protection from condensation:

Hermetic seal of PCBA – molecular penetration of densely packed boards with negligible weight gain.

Highest quality performance independent of flux residues:

In-situ pre-treatment activation ensures chemical bonding and required durability.

Passes required industry standards: IPC-CC-830 MIL-I-46058 IEC-1086 specifications and UL746E.

Solvent-less, halogen free process.

Avoids challenges related to:

(1) solids content, (2) type of carrier used (solvent, water or none), (3) viscosity pot life, (4) ultimate shelf life, (5) curing temperature, (6) curing time, (7) method of application.

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